1. What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft that helps you turn multiple unrelated data sources into valuable and interactive insights. These data may be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or cloud-based/on-premises hybrid data warehouses. You can easily connect to all your data sources and share the insights with anyone.

2. Why should we use Power BI?

Because Power BI provides an easy way for anyone, including non-technical people, to connect, change, and visualize their raw business data from many different sources and turn it into valuable data that makes it easy to make smart business decisions.

3. What is Power Query?

Power Query is a business intelligence tool designed by Microsoft for Excel. Power Query allows you to import data from various data sources and will enable you to clean, transform and reshape your data as per the requirements. Power Query allows you to write your query once and then run it with a simple refresh.

4. What is DAX?

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions. It's a collection of functions, operators, and constants used in formulas to calculate and return values. In other words, it helps you create new info from data you already have.

5. Mention some advantages of Power BI.

Some of the advantages of using Power BI:
• It helps build an intractable data visualization in data centers
• It allows users to transform data into visuals and share them with anyone
• It establishes a connection for Excel queries and dashboards for fast analysis
• It provides quick and accurate solutions
• It enables users to perform queries on reports using simple English words

6. List out some drawbacks/limitations of using Power BI.

Here are some limitations to using Power BI:
• Power BI does not accept file sizes larger than 1 GB and doesn't mix imported data accessed from real-time connections.
• There are very few data sources that allow real-time connections to Power BI reports and dashboards.
• It only shares dashboards and reports with users logged in with the same email address.
• Dashboard doesn't accept or pass user, account, or other entity parameters.

7. What is a dashboard in Power BI?

A dashboard is a single-layer presentation sheet of multiple visualizations reports.

8. Can you have more than one functional relationship between two tables in a Power Pivot data model?

No. There can be multiple inactive relationships, but only one active relationship between two tables in a Power Pivot data model. Dotted lines represent inactive relationships, and continuous lines represent active relationships.

9. What are the different views available in Power BI Desktop?

There are three different views in Power BI, each of which serves another purpose:
Report View - In this view, users can add visualizations and additional report pages and publish the same on the portal.
Data View - In this view, data shaping can be performed using Query Editor tools.
Model View - In this view, users can manage relationships between complex datasets.

10. What are the different stages in the working of Power BI?

There are three different stages in working on Power BI, as explained below.
1. Data Integration
2. Data Processing
3. Data Presentation

11. Power BI can connect to which data sources?

The data source is the point from which the data has been retrieved. It can be anything like files in various formats (.xlsx, .csv, .pbix, .xml, .txt etc), databases (SQL database, SQL Data Warehouse, Spark on Azure HDInsight), or form content packets like Google Analytics or Twilio.

12. What are the types of visualizations in Power BI?

Visualization is a graphical representation of data. We can use visualizations to create reports and dashboards. The kinds of visualizations available in Power BI are Bar charts, Column charts, Line chart, Area chart, Stacked area chart, Ribbon chart, Waterfall chart, Scatter chart, Pie chart, Donut chart, Treemap chart, Map, Funnel chart, Gauge chart, Cards, KPI, Slicer, Table, Matrix, R script visual, Python visual, etc.

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