Intermediate Level

Name the different products Tableau offer?

Tableau offers products like –
- Desktop
- Reader
- Public
- Server

How to get the current date and time?

We get the current date and time by using the NOW () function.

What are the reasons for slow performance in Tableau?

One of the reasons is data source is slow in itself. This might be
because your CSV file is too big or your database is old for reading. You
can improve the Tableau experience by following ways:
- Use extracts
- Limit the amount of data you bring in – both rows and columns
- Switch data source using the “extract function”
- Pre-aggregate your data before bringing it into Tableau.

Which function is used to return the number of items in a group?

The count () function is used to return the number of items in a

Define sets.

Sets are used to define a subset of data depending on certain
conditions. There are oodles of ways to create a set based on a filter that
you have already mentioned.

What do you mean by groups?

A mixture of dimension members that makes higher-level
categories, Groups are used on calculated fields.

Explain Tableau Data Server.

Enabling you to share and upload data extracts and reuse
calculations and field metadata, Tableau Data Server makes connecting
to data transparent and much easier.

Difference between Measures and Dimensions?

- Generates axes when added to rows and columns shelves
- Dependent variable
- Stored in a table that has foreign keys
- Numeric units analyzed by dimension table
- Descriptive attributes values define multiple characteristics
- Generate headers when added to rows and columns shelves
- Independent variable
- Considered more complex

Which charts have you worked on?

This is among the most frequently asked Tableau interview
- Bar and Line Chart
- Pareto Chart
- Gantt Chart
- Box and Whisker Chart
- Waterfall Chart
- Donut Chart
- Funnel Chart
- Dual Axis Chart

What is the maximum number of tables that can be joined in

The maximum number of tables that can be joined in Tableau is 32.
Table size is restricted to 255 columns.

What is the Tableau Data Engine?

Tableau Data Engine is an interface to extract all data from the
machine and ensure the fastest response time. After the task is
completed, the Tableau Data Engine can unleash its memory.

What is the Tableau Server Repository?

It is a database that stores server data like information about server
users, groups and assignments, permissions, projects, data sources. It
also extracts metadata and refreshes information.

What are the different types of Dimensions?

There are nine different types of Dimensions –
- Slowly Changing Dimensions
- Rapidly Changing Dimensions
- Junk Dimensions
- Inferred Dimensions
- Conformed Dimensions
- Degenerated Dimensions
- Role-Playing Dimensions
- Shrunken Dimensions
- Static Dimensions

What is the Truth Table?

Truth Table is a collection of facts, determining the truth or falsity
of a proposition. It works as a complete theorem-prover and is of three
types –
- Accumulative truth Table
- Photograph truth Table
- Truthless Fact Table

What are the Default Geographic Roles?

This one is also among the most frequently asked Tableau interview
questions –
Default Geographic Roles are –
Code (U.S)
general assembly Districts (U.S)
nada Codes/ communicating Code

What is a Hierarchical Field?

Tableau hierarchical field is a data model that organizes data into a
tree-like structure. Here the data is stored as records, connected to one
another through links. Tableau’s hierarchical field enables viewing the
data at a more granular level.

How to do Performance Testing in Tableau?

Performance testing can be done by loading Testing Tableau Server
with TabJolt, which is a “Point and Run” load generator for QA. While
TabJolt sets a baseline. One can also use workbooks having calculations
and use extracts as the data source for testing.

What is Assume Referential Integrity?

Assume Referential Integrity helps to improve query performance.
When a user selects the Assume Referential Integrity option, Tableau
will include the joined table in the query if it is suggested by fields in the

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