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Professional React JS
Duration: 90 hours with hands on tutorials
Live Projects & 60 assignments.

Course Description:

React is the exciting web framework from Facebook. It runs Facebook.com, and a host of other high-performing web applications, and is designed to facilitate three goals: performance, agility, and scale.
React is a component based front-end library that allows you to build applications out of a tree of small, testable, modular components. It features a diffing engine that makes DOM manipulation incredibly fast, faster even than vanilla DOM scripting.
Flux is an architectural pattern characterised by one-way data flow, immutability and message passing. We create a central data store, and then pass messages to it to tell it how to change. Changes then flow into the component tree, updating the DOM. It can seem intimidating at first, but quickly becomes natural. In this course, we use Redux for Flux, which is currently the best practice solution.
Our React training course is practical. You will, right from day one, be building components and applications with real-world applicability. We will build against tests from the end of day one, and design sensible, component-based solutions using best practice. You will also gain an awareness of the wider JavaScript toolchain ecosystem, including Node, Karma, and Webpack.

React JS Content:

Getting started with React
Using ReactJS with TypeScript
State in React
Props in React
React Component Lifecycle
Forms and User Input
React Boilerplate [React + Babel + Webpack]
React Routing
React createClass vs extends React.Component
React AJAX call
Communication Between Components
Performance & Rendering components
Setting Up React Environment
Using React with Flow
JSX & Forms
User interface solutions
Keys, React, Webpack & TypeScript installation

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