IT Development

IT Development

We help start-ups and organisations to successfully develop and launch digital products and web-based software applications.
Our core technical expertise is in developing web-based software (web applications). That could mean software as a service (SaaS), or an integrated application that automates your business processes. You might simply call the end result “a website” or “a database”. If building a product is not enough, our inventive design and digital marketing teams can create compelling product identity and bring users who will fall in love with it.
Developing high performance large-scale web applications and services since 1999.

Whether you seek to optimise your business by automation, or open new revenue streams by creating something completely new.
Whether it is an innovative idea changing the world or craving a new niche in a crowded marketplace competing against established players. We are here to help you to make it happen.
Our team has a cross-platform, multi-industry experience of building products that work on different devices.
We develop, upgrade, maintain and support web-based applications and database-driven websites
We can help you to:

  • Build new systems from scratch.
  • Maintain, extend and improve existing databases, software or web applications.
  • Rebuild existing software systems using modern technologies to create more reliable and flexible solutions.
  • Migrate existing processes, handled on paper or by disjointed software packages, into one integrated web-based application.

In technical terms our core expertise is developing web-based software (web applications) although you may use a different term: database application, web solution, web site, web portal, intranet, CMS, CRM, back-office software, etc. Web or mobile – they are really the same thing nowadays

Our Products

Rapid Form builder is developed to support frequently changing insurance form. Using SPA form builderend user can create or edit the inspection form without having any coding knowledge. System is capable enough to add validation, dependent fields add business behaviors.

ClaimTracker customized mobile apps for Insurance Inspection Management. Completely streamlining the field inspection process, the mobile apps platform is a proven system for both Insurance carriers and Inspection companies. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, it transforms the inspection reports an underwriting process where you will find innovative solutions to reduce or even eliminate manual processes of traditional inspection and insurance procedures

A complete intranet portal was developed for direct sales associate for assisting loan processing. The outcome was that it has resulted in reducing the turnaround time from 48 hours to 12 hours and improved service to customers. Tele Marketing module, Direct Sales Executive module, Business Manager MIS module, incentive module, etc. Features include validation checks, Help Desk for front end staff, monitoring of status of application, reminder, etc.

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