Angular 9

Professional Angular 9, TypeScript

Duration: 90 hours with hands on tutorials
Live Projects & 60 assignments.

Course Description:

Our Angular training course gives web developers a focused hands-on experience in which they can explore and build single page HTML5 apps using Google’s exciting clientside MVC framework Angular. This is a practical course aimed at developing real world skills.
Google’s Angular allows you to build applications and reuse your code, as well as deploy for any platform; web, mobile web, native mobile and desktop.
Ivy full version is due to revolutionise Angular, by making development smaller, faster and simpler – IVY is an initiative to build a next-generation rendering pipeline for Angular, and, for this, the Angular team re-wrote the code that translates the Angular template to whatever we rendered in the browser. It uses the incremental DOM[/vc_column_text]

Professional Angular 9 content

Angular 9

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